• The Screen Goes Digital

    January 01, 2014

    The Screen Goes Digital

    This past year, The Screen has been hard at work completing our digital conversion. As the 110 year reign of 35mm film as the primary projection medium comes to an end, The Screen is required to supply 2K digital projection capabilities in order to showcase new release films.

    It was with a heavy heart and initial reluctance that we finally agreed to this process. Film is, and always will be, The Screen’s personal favorite projection medium. No amount of high yield digital resolution can perfectly replicate the grain and depth of film. We remain among 10% of American theaters that have decided to keep our 35mm projection capabilities for archival screenings.

    As the industry shifts to digital for production and exhibition, we must as well. Film prints are not being made anymore, digital prints are the new standard. After four years of research and patience, we’ve now installed the biggest, brightest, and clearest independent projection system in this city, and we can scientifically prove it. This, coupled with a Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound upgrade preserves The Screen as New Mexico’s Premier Cinematheque.

    This new system matches 35mm film’s depth and contrast almost exactly. Our dedicated technicians have installed systems for the likes of Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, and the Director’s Guild of America. They understood from the start that this equipment needed to be comparable. And, after two days of tireless installing, The Screen can finally sign off on the visual and sonic quality of this new system.

    As The Screen turns 15 years old this year, we look forward to showcasing the best in classical, independent, and foreign cinema for the best audience in the nation: Santa Feans. Our first digital shows begin tomorrow - we hope you’ll come celebrate with us.

    Brent Kliewer, Curator
    Peter Grendle, General Manager